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Based in Seattle, WA, Soie Photography specializes in landscape and nature photography in the Pacific Northwest and other western regions of the U.S. and Canada.

Soie Photography is dedicated to the craft of fine art film and digital photography. We work to create the highest quality images in the field with attention to light, composition, and preservation of artistic expression. Soie Photography images are created with both advanced digital technology and classic film techniques to produce images rich in color and detail. Currently, we use Nikon DSLR and SLR cameras and a Linhof Kardan Color view camera with a variety of Nikkor lenses.

All images from Soie Photography are available as museum quality prints further described in the prints page. Our prints make the perfect gift or addition to your home or place of business.

Please contact Soie Photography should you have any unique requests or other questions about our prints, licensing details, or even the story behind an image. We strive to provide individualized, attentive customer service.

The images on our website are the result of many years and thousands of miles in exploration, and the journey continues to be sublime. Waiting for sunrise in the still, crisp autumn air or treading through snow billows in dark conifer forests with cameras in tow provides a sense of balance and connection to the natural world. Through our images, we hope to share that experience and inspiration with you. The majestic and delicate beauty of nature, the play between light and shadow, the brilliance and subtlety of color, or the conservation of our beautiful planet; these timeless themes are woven into the images of Soie Photography.

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